Diagnosis of the foot sole

FYZIO Klinik uses the system MEDILOGIC from BAUERFEIND for diagnosing the foot, it is one of the most advanced technologies for the tensiometer dynamic diagnosis of the foot.

It is a computerized measurement on the basis of which orthopedic insoles are made for an exact fit to the patient‘s foot. These orthopedic insoles can help correct heel or various deformities of the feet. The measurements are done from a system of diagnostic insole sensors which provide direct transmission and display data recorded in digital form. The client walks a certain distance in our clinic and we record and store his foot prints in our computers. Finally, the program evaluates the various load zones of the foot, which is assessed as a percentage in a graph. It also evaluates the center of gravity, the percentage load of the left and right foot and his walking stereotype.
After measuring, the physiotherapist explains to the client all the necessary data. Based on the measured parameters the physiotherapist can then make orthopedic insoles that fit any given pair of shoes. The advantage of this diagnosis is that the computer registers the foot during walking, running or any activity, thus ensuring 100% accuracy of the measured data. Most other diagnosis of the foot are done in a standing position or by making a footprint of just one step which leads to highly inaccurate results.
Physiotherapists sometimes diagnose the sole of the foot as an additional examination to have an accurate picture of the patient’s gait, his pressure zones, the patient’s weight distribution and stereotypes movement. This helps them to better understand the examination and thereby improve the therapy needed.
Computer diagnostics from BAUERFEIND is currently the most accurate and most advanced diagnosis on the market. Yearly the German company Bauerfeind invests a large sum of money in research and development of this breakthrough diagnosis of the foot.
For diagnosing the foot it‘s important that the client brings the pair of closed shoes he most offer wears. The shoes should not have high heels since such heels distort the measurement results.