The Bauerfeind shop

We want to treat your condition comprehensively and as best we can. That’s why in 2014 FYZIO KLINIK began working with BAUERFEIND, the German brand that manufactures the highest quality orthopedic devices in the world and which set up a physical store at the premises of our clinic. Here you can try on and buy braces, active bandages, orthopedic insoles and compression stockings. Our trained and friendly staff offer expert advice for any questions you may have. A considerable part of the store holds revolutionary diagnostic equipment which can be used to ensure the selection of the right product for you.

In cooperation with BAUERFEIND, FYZIO KLINIK, uses the latest computer diagnostic tools for analysing the foot so that our therapist is able to choose and accurately create customized orthopedic insoles. To choose the correct compression for your new compression stockings, we work with the revolutionary system VENOSCAN which uses modern methods of diagnosing your vein flow and provides the right compression. Of course, all this is carried out by physiotherapists and diagnostic methods are sometimes part of the initial evaluation. We work with proven quality – Made in Germany.

The philosophy of Bauerfeind

The brand Bauerfeind is well know and backed by years of reputable German quality. All Bauerfeind products are developed and manufactured in Germany and embody the highest quality on the market. The company Bauerfeind is represented in 70 countries around the world and thanks to its superior technology it’s one of leaders in the the world among manufacturers of medical devices.

The knowledge in technology and manufacturing which the company has gained throughout decades is associated with inovation and the tradition of a family run midsize enterprise that maintains a global mindset. Bauerfeind’s specialists work with doctors, scientists, developers and athletes worldwide. The result has earned them patented and award-winning products and services with the quality “Made in Germany”.

Product benifits

  • The company BAUERFEIND is known for its high-quality products that have been developed for decades and provide complete satisfaction for the desired effect and deliver great comfort when wearing them.
  • The system for sewing the bandages is designed to provide the greatest comfort possible. This new concept in sewing is particularly elastic and able to absorv moisture during sports activities.
  • The compression capacity of the bandage is designed with a decreasing level of compression from bottom to top thus avoiding unnecessary suspensions in the blood and lymphatic system while at the same time providing the necessary support.
  • The bandages contain silicone particles that activate and constantly massage the muscles. This, in turn, increases muscle strength and releases tension. Muscles do not atrofiate while wearing the bandangs because the silicone particles constantly force them to work.
  • An unparalleled quality which lasts for many years while providing comfort in daily wear is guaranteed by the certified brand “Baurerfeind – Made in Germany”.
  • With more than 100 years of tradition, the company Bauerfeind improves the lives of millions of people in the world. The knowledge gained from the care given to top athletes throughout the world is transferred to the optimization of the company’s products

Overview of Bauerfeind products

A complete overview of available products can be found at the official Slovak representative for Bauerfeind at –

FYZIO KLINIK - Genutrain - Bauerfeind


Whether the pain you feel is in the ankle joint, knee, spine, hand, elbow or shoulder – the active bandage Train, by Bauerfeind, relieves the pain. They consist of stretchable and breathable fabric with elastic pressure pads. During movement they safely support the joints and massage soft tissues. This raises blood circulation and activates muscles.

FYZIO KLINIK - Insoles - Bauerfeind


n the field of orthopedic insoles, Bauerfeind sets standards throughout Europe thanks to traditional products and innovative concepts in liners such as TRIactive® and ErgoPad® work. The range of products for orthopedic foot care consists of therapeutic shoes, insoles for relief and a prevention system for patients with foot problems.

FYZIO KLINIK - Compression Socks - Bauerfeind


VenoTrain® compression socks and stockings help with diseases of the vains that range from light conditions up to the most difficult. The entire product range of VenoTrain® is thouroughly tested according to the valid standard RAL (RAL RAL-GZ 387) which guarantees their medical effectiveness.

The Bauerfeind diagnosis

Thanks to a progressive and innovative computer-aided diagnosis, Bauefeind’s MediLogic and VenoScan can provide individually customized bandages, compression stockings, pads and shoes.

FYZIO KLINIK - Medilogic - Bauerfeind


Standing, walking, sports and other activities have an effect on the feet and may lead to mechanical damage and various other problems. By selecting the right shoe insoles precisely tailored to the individual patient, it’s possible to prevent and correct incorrect body posture and premature muscle fatigue.

FYZIO KLINIK - Venoscan - Bauerfeind


Each person has a different set of feet and throughout our lives their functional ability can change and their performance may deteriorate. VenoScan can detect problems in the veins and monitor and diagnose them at an early stage.

Where to find us

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The Bauerfeind store

Let us introduce to you the only physical store in Bratislava located at Mlynske nivy street where we have a wide selection of supports, orthoses, orthopedic inserts and compression therapy devices. Our experts will advise and help you choose the right product suitable for your condition. We measure your foot professionally and accurately for easy selection of the correct product.

Contact information

Mlynske nivy 61/A, 821 05 Bratislava – You can find us at the Medical Centre FYZIO KLINIK.

Tel.: +421 (0) 948 676 700

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