Orthopedic insoles

Custom made orthopedic insoles can often be done inmeaditely after undergoing the necessary computer diagnostic evaluation.

Our range of orthopedic insoles includes ready made inserts (ready for some sports, casual walking or for slight defects of the foot), adjustable insoles (which must be slightly adjusted according to the patient’s diagnosis) and insoles for customized manufacturing (used for major deformities of the foot, after surgeries and injuries ). Manufacturing of orthopedic insoles is often possible immediately after undergoing the computarized diagnostic evaluation. The physiotherapist selects the correct size of insoles and performs some basic adjustments. If the patient’s foot is in such a state that it requires a more detailed diagnosis, then it’s necessary to custom make the insoles. In this case the foot measurements ​​and the orthopedic insole are sent to a technician for manufacturing.
Manufacturing of orthopedic insoles takes approximately seven days. The client then wears the insoles and after a few days comes to the clinic for adjustments in places where the insoles do not fit or restrict the foot. The entire selection and correction process is based on the diagnosis perforemed in the clinic, therefore it is necessary to go through the required diagnosis. Our diagnosis is carried out by a physiotherapist, therefore the selection and manufacture of orthopedic insoles is very accurate.