Redcord® System

The human body and its muscle structure is a complicated mechanism which works as a single unit. In spite of this, our body has separate groups of muscles which are either global or local. Global muscles are found on the surface of the body; these are the muscles we use for regular activities. The local muscles, on the other hand, are far less used, eventhough we should use them. These muscles hold our body together, they are the muscles around the spinal chord, the internal abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor muscles. Precisely because of the weakness of these muscles we often have problems with the musculoskeletal system. The system REDCORD® aims at strengthening the local muscles in order to eliminate the cause of the pain by releasing the already overburdened global muscles. This system has found great popularity in elite athletes. Thanks to REDCORD® athletes now disregard the old saying “Sport is a gateway to disability” and instead believe that “sport is a gateway to a health!”. REDCORD® is also useful for seniors by helping them improve their physical condition, stability and coordination. It’s also helps prevent osteoporosis!

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Redcord® System


As a diagnostic tool REDCORD® aims at finding the so-called weak link in the human muscular system. This search takes the form of comparing the muscle chains of the left and right halves of the body. At the end of the diagnosis the therapist has a clear picture of the condition of the client’s local muscles and is then able to prescribe a precise course for treating pain.


Redcord® Neurac® as a form of exercise comprises a set of exercises based on a specifc diagnosis for the client’s problem. The therapy is very effective becasue the therapist knows exactly which muscle structure should be addressed, in other words which muscles are weak. It’s common that after the first therapy session with REDCORD® the client feels a significant change in his condition and leaves with almost no pain. Indiviual exercise is a very important element in the treatment system REDCORD®. The client becomes acquainted with the latest in theapeutic exercises. It‘s important that the client learns to practice the individual exercises correctly. The therapy REDCORD® Neurac® always preceeds the Redcord diagnosis on the basis of which the therapist creates a treatment plan.


Redcord® is an individual exercise done in the suspension system REDCORD® under the guidance of a physiotherapist. This exercise does not need to be based on REDCORD® diagnosis. The client exercises mostly on REDCORD® Mini and the therapy takes the form of training. This exercise is mainly used by athletes and clients who have gone through the Neurac treatment and want to continue exercising in the suspension system REDCORD® under the expert supervision of a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist prepares a set of exercises for the client to achieve the desired effect of the therapy. The focus is not on specific locations, it aims at exercising all parts.


FYZIO & Kidsin redcord® is a system of exercise for children which focuses mainly on preventive exercises. With theses exercises children acquire proper movement habits which they‘ll need as adults. Exercise takes place through play and the presence of the parent is requiered.


FYZIO & Sport on REDCORD®. If you think that peak form is everything you are able to get from your body, you are wrong! For athletes REDCORD® is an exercise which stretches the boundaries of training. These exercises strengthen large muscle groups that athletes use mainly in stabilization, acceleration, balance, and long-term endurance, yet are still not sufficiently strengthened. REDCORD® is used by several olympic sports athletes and health centers where top athletes perfection their "form".


The REDCORD® System has been adopted by many foreign medical centers as an excellent aid in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system for all ages. It is suitable both for children and the elderly by adjusting settings of various difficulty. Simply put, with REDCORD® you exercise to the level of your own limits and pain. Currently REDCORD® is the healthiest choice in movement as evidenced by our satisfied clients.