Gabriel Kovács

M.D. - orthopedist
Working in the clinic provides multiple perspectives on the issues they know how treat quickly and effectively.

During his medical practice MD. Gabriel Kovacs has participated in several certified trainings, courses, and seminars in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. He has worked in the fields of orthopedics and traumatology since 2009. He applies his extensive experience as a surgeon in operations at the hospital in Kramare in Bratislava. At FIZIO KLINIK he conducts initial orthopedical examinations, check-up consultations and controls. He also applies injections to joints and conducts expert professional evaluations.
Above all he focuses on sports injuries, hip joint replacement, conditions related to accidents and injury as well as degenerative orthopedics (foot sole, arthritic changes in the joints and spine). He addresses issues comprehensively in cooperation with doctors, physiotherapists and other specialists at FYZIO KLINIK.