Tomáš Malárik

Bc., Dipl.f. – head physiotherapist
We place emphasis on detailed examinations as the only prerequisite for conducting a successful therapy.

As a physiotherapy specialist Thomas Malárik ist the person behind the birth of FYZIO KLINIK as a private rehabilitation center which focuses on physiotherapy and orthopedics. He is licensed to independently practice physiotherapy. During years of studying Physiotherapy he has learned and gathered experience from the best doctors and physiotherapists in our country and abroad; among these are: Mgr. Hamáčková Dr. Dobeš, Prof. Kolar, Dr. Švejcar, Dr Merry, Mgr. Smékal Dr. Klenková, mr. Chaitow D. O., Mgr. Girls, Mgr. Oswald and many others. He is an expert in many differen types of massages as well as relaxation and meditation techniques he learned from healers, therapists and trainers of eastern medicines such as Shifu Shi Delon. He completed specialized studies at the Slovak Medical University, concentrating on physiotherapy of selected diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
e works closely with sports and the training of athletes. He himself was a top athlete, several times winner of the Slovak Cup and Slovak Championship in mountain biking. These experiences help him empathize with the psyche and training of elite athletes. The advantage of working at a private specialized clinic has lead him to co-operate and consult on a daily basis the status of the clinic’s patients and conduct their therapy with leading doctors in orthopedics, traumatology, neurology, neurosurgery, physiotherapy and sports medicine.
He currently works as the head of physiotherapy at the private clinic FYZIO KLINIK located in Mlynske nivy street in Bratislava. He dedicates most of his work to the REDCORD system and a method called Neurac. In his therapies he uses his knowledge of musculoskeletal medicine and manual medicine. He dedicates a considerable amount of his work to athletes, both elite and recreational, who practice various sports such as running, cycling, skiing, golf, crossfit, bodybuilding, swimming and racket sports. It’s also worth mentioning his support and treatment of artists such as opera singers, violinists, pianists, ballet dancers and dancers in general.
In recent years he has actively participated in conferences dealing with supportive therapies such as orthesis, bandages, and orthopedic insoles. His ambition for excellence in this field led him to create a partnership with the brand Bauerfeind which is worldwide known as one of the top producers of orthesis, bandages and orthopedic insoles. This partnership led to opening the first specialized shop with this focus in Slovakia.