Veronika Želinská

Mgr. - physiotherapist
„Let’s not waste our life by being passive, we only live once..“

As a child Veronica always wanted to help people achieve happiness. That’s why she decided to study physiotherapy and work with people who really need help. She studied physiotherapy at the Faculty of Health Departments at Prešov University in Prešov. She gained experience during her graduation practice in a facility for seniors in Prešov and by working at the rehabilitation ward at the Polyclinic in Sabinove. She continues her education with professional courses.
She has completed courses in neuromobilization in manual therapy, taping and its use in physiotherapy, REDCORD Neurac 1, and an introductory course on fascial fitness. Thanks to the course „physiotherapy techniques and approaches during pregnancy and after childbirth“, she is one of a few specialists who focuses on women at different stages of pregnancy and beyond. In FYZIO KLINIK she is one of the main physiotherapists who conducts examinations of the entire musculoskeletal system.