The Consultories

Since our health equipment focuses on treating disease of the muscoskeletal system we function with two consultories – an orthopedic and a rahabilitation one.

Our physiotherapists are in constant contact with both our own doctors and external doctors who able to consult on the state of our patients. After a patient is seen at our clinic he receives an expert medical evaluation and can then choose to be treated at our clinic or another rehabilitation clinic. The advantage of treatment at our clinic lies in the complete gama of services we provide which includes control by a doctor, consultation with other physiotherapists as well as access to the right treatment provided by wide range of specializations held by our physiotherapists. Our doctors and physiotherapists have a good working relationship with other specialists in treating the musculoskeletal system and are thus able to guide patients with the right kind of therapy. For patientes for whom it was advised to undergo an operation we offer the opportunity to consult with our orthopedists and subsequently undergo the operation with our doctors.

Orthopedical consultory

Orthopedics is a basic medical specialization which focuses on prevention, diagnosis, and the treatment of disease and accidents of the musculoskeletal system. It’s a specialization which historically originates from the field of surgery and that’s why its dominant practices are done with equipment related to movement. Besides surgical treatment it focues on the posibilities of non-surgical therapy, including treatment with medical drugs applied either entirely or locally, or with physical manipulation, treatment with prothesis, assitance with orthopedic aids and in coordination with other specialities as well as treatment with physical procedures and rehabilitation. We conduct specialized examinations, diagnosis and out-patient treatment, pre-operation and post-operation care. We advise patients on further treatment possibilites and we provide cosultations. Above all, our orthopedicians provide their expert advice for treatment and likewise consult its progress with our physiotherapists. If before coming to our clinic you have already had an orthopedical examination please bring to our doctor all pertinent x-rays and diagnostical papers.

Rehabilitation (FBLR) Consultory

The physio-rehabilitation clinic conducts examination and diagnosis in the field of rehabilitation by focusing in diseases of the myo-skeletal system. We provide treatment by applying specialized methods of manual medicine, ­physical therapy for vertebral diseases, pre-­­­operation and post-operation conditions and a unique kinesiotherapy which focuses on a functional muscle chain. Throught rehabilitation we treat all functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. We try to avoid operations and instead place emphasis on detailed examinations which is the only way to predict the course of a succesful therapy. We offer our clients a wide range of different diagnosises, each with a different focus. This is how we able to expertly determine with certainty a specific problem and concentrate on its treatment.