Video analysis of movement

We provide the following video analysis of motion:

  • Video analysis of your walk
  • Video analysis of your run
  • Video analysis of your cycling as associated with the setting of your bicycle

The common denominator of each physical activity is movement. Movement is an essential activity of the human body; it gives us the freedom to do what we want. However, if we move incorrectly for a long time, we often encounter pain. With the right motion analysis, we can thus determine where in the future we can expect problems and locate points of possible pain.
A video analysis of your walk is a common part of the initial examination. By anaylizing your walk the therapist conducting the examination can ascertain possible imbalances and changes in your musculoskeletal structure. And since everything is linked together, the therapist is able to connect these findings with the pain the patient feels. This is how we come across cases where physiotherapists seem to not address the patient’s particular concern or problem area; instead they focus on a completely different part of the body which at first glance seems unrelated to the reported pain.
For runners, weather recreational or professional, a video analysis of his or her run is often conducted in the initial examination. Even though at first sight pain and running may not always be related. Running may cause pain and by analyzing the runner’s posture as he jogs we can correct his running style and indirectly relieve pain. With runnners we sometimes verify the effectivness of therapy by conducting several analysis and observe changes in his running style. This type of analysis is conducted on a treadmill as video is captured from different angles STRYD. Then the video recording is loaded to a special software which can slow down the recorded motion and adjust individual planes, angles or points. Of course the result of the analysis and follow up treatment is explained to the client.
Video analysis of cycling is the same kind of analysis, only the client is captured while training on his own bike. Again, he is captured from different angles and the video recording is loaded onto a program that can set and adjust different planes, points and angles. This is how the therapist gets a clear picture of what should be reset on your bike to achieve optimal movement. This analysis and the subsequent setting of your bike is done by an experienced therapist who is an expert in bike mechanics and cycling movement thanks to his many years of racing experience in cross country bikes. The result is a detailed analysis of the cyclist’s movement on his bike and a subsequent adjustament of the bicycle that fits exactly the rider and his particular requirements. A treatment plan is also advised if there exists pain. This analysis is mainly used by professional cyclists as well as recreational cycling enthusiasts.