Welcome to the pages of FYZIO KLINIK

FYZIO KLINIK is a private medical center which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. The clinic was founded in 2011 with two consultories, the orthopedic clinic and the rehabilitation (FBLR) clinic.

Our logo represents a certain alternative in the western system of treatment, therefore we recommend our clients to avoid surgical operations if possible. We believe that cooperation is the mainstay of treatment between the patient and the therapist. That’s why we strive for our clients to understand every step of their treatment. Finally, it is our friendly and family style approach to therapy that gives the client a feeling of satisfaction. We maintain a positive attitude and a great willingness to help. The client is a person and not goods, so his satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Our team

At our clinic you will find not only specialized doctors, but also physiotherapists, masseuses, and physical trainers who will help you in eliminating the pain that afflicts you in the fastest way possible. Our specialist use the latest methods of treating the musculoskeletal system effectively and quickly. They concentrate on the correct diagnosis of the problem and work on it so that pain is permanently eliminated.


We treat different types of diagnosis that range from acute injuries, back pains, muscles, joints, and tendons up to more serious chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system. We also work with the neuromuscular activation system REDCORD, an absolute novelty in Slovakia!


Our doctors and physiotherapists attend annually tens of courses and trainings abroad where they gain a wealth of valuable knowledge. A continuous emphasis on training for our staff is a guarantee of quality and effective treatment for the patient.

Visit us

Feel free to visit us in our beautiful and excellently equipped premises on Mlynske nivy 61/A street near the exit of Bratislava towards the Pristavny most. In addition to our above avarage approach, our clients have access to parking spaces and wheelchair access to our building.