Healthy back

Nowadays more and more people experience back pain. The most common causes of these pains are bad exercise habits, overloading, or low physical activity of some muscle groups. So we decided to open a course called Healthy Back which will be don in group exercises.

The exercises are aimed at strengthening the deep stabilization system, proper breathing and posture. Suitable for all people. Whether you have back pain or wish to avoid it, if you have bad posture (hyperlordosis, hyperkyphosis …) or practice a one-sided sport such as tennis and are looking for compensation exercises, this is the right program for you. All are welcome.

Available places are limited so you need to sign up in advance.


  • Exerices sessios will be held every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:00
  • Introduction: 2.3.2017 (Thursday)
  • Price 1 hour – 5€
  • Length of one session – 50 min.
  • You will need comfortable sports clothing and a good mood

The course Halthy back will be led by our therapist Barborka who has seven years’ experience.


Diagnosis of the veins – VENOSCAN

Each of us has a different pair legs and in the course of our lives the functional ability of our legs can change and veins can lose their elasticity. Since each person has only one pair of legs to carry him all his life, we should take care of them. In the month of October you can learn something about your legs with a diagnosis of your veins using Venoscan with a 50% discount.

In cooperation with the German company BAUERFEIND we are the first in Slovakia to offer the prevention of diseases of the veins through VenoScan. VenoScan recongnizes a problem in the veins and is able to monitor it and diagnose it in an early stage.

Diagnosis takes place at these times:

  • Monday 8:00 – 17:00
  • Tuesday 8:00 – 12:00
  • Wednesday 10:00 – 20:00
  • Thursday 10:00 – 16:00

Price: 30€ – 15€

For measurement you need to be booked in advance by calling the tel. number: 0948 676 700, or at the reception desk of FYZIO KLINIK


Relieve your back pain

In September we have prepared a unique event. LumboTrain active bandage for muscular stabilization of the lumbar spine will not allow lower back pain to restrict you in your activities.

It relieves discs and a removable triangular pillow provides an orthopedic massage effect on muscles in the lower back. With every movement it helps to reduce tension in the lower back region and relieves pain.

LumboTrain is the appropriate support not only for casual wear but for sports as well! Thanks to a special 3D woven fiber made in german laboratories, the material is breathable and provides unique comfort.

Sale price of 159 € valid until end of September.

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Limited opening hours

Dear clients, please be adviced that in order to improve our services, FYZIO KLINIK is organizing its first FYZIO KLINIK CAMP. During this colorful educational event for our staff, the clinic closed on August 18th and 19th (Thursday and Friday). Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to welcoming you to our premises again on Monday 8.22 and putting to practice our newly acquired knowledge.


FYZIO Pilates

Dear clients, we are pleased to announce that after successfully completing several courses of FYZIO Pilates, we are once again offering the opportunity to participate in these group exercises.

Whether you have experience with FYZIO Pilates or want to give it a try, you are welcome. Come, sweat a little and strengthen your internal muscles. You will likewise improve your exercise habits and body posture.

We start from September 5th, 2016. Training will take palce every Monday at 19:00.

Please bring comfortable exercise clothing, a towel, a water bottle and a good mood.

We are look forward to seeing you there!


Information summary:

Start Date: 5.9.2016

Day: Monday

Time: 19:00

Duration: 50 minutes

Number of exercise hours: 12 hourse

Group: up to 8 people

Course price paid in advance: 96€ when paid in advance (actual cost without the discount is 120€)

Price per exerciser hour: 12€

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Nakopnite telo poriadnou výživou

With the arrival of summer we have prepared a nourishing event! Karnozín Extra is a natural product used in mitochondrial medicine. It is a natural antioxidant which promotes muscle recovery and vitality of the entire body. Karnozín is the primary building block that keeps the body young as we age.

It is an ideal way of regenerating the body for major physical or mental stress. It effectively helps to revitalize the body and provides total body refreshment.

This offer is valid during the month of June.

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Diagnosis of foot in the magazine Running

Each runner has his own running style, but also a different foot shape.

Do you want to achieve better running performance, have the proper technique and still feel your feet as soft and healthy? The answer to this is a comprehensive diagnosis of your feet, essential for the proper setup of biomechanical steps which affects not only your running performance, but also the correct movement of the entire body while running.

To learn more be sure to get a copy of the latest issue of the magazine Running in which, among other things , you’ll find an article related to this topic from our head physiotherapist Thomas Malárik.

Alternatively, you can just read the article here>


FYZIO Pilates II

Dear clients, we are pleased to announce that after the very successful first course of FYZIO Pilates, this spring we are continuing with group trainings. Given the high demand for theses courses we are opening a number of groups, depending on whether you have experience with Pilates or not.

A new group for beginners is starting on Wednesday at 18:00 and 19:00. Clients who continue to FYZIO Pilates II will have group exercise at the same time as before (Monday at 19:00).
Please bring comfortable exercise clothing, a towel, a water bottle and a good mood.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Additional information: People registered are automatically listed in the days they selected (Monday / Wednesday). If you are not able to come please let us know in advance so that we can possibly make arragements for you to come on a different day.


Information summary:

Start Date: 29.2.2016

Days: Wednesday

Time: 18:00 and 19:00

Duration: 50 minutes

Number of exercise hours: 12 hours

Group: up to 7 people

Category: Beginners (Wednesday) and advanced (Monday)

Price: 96€ when paid in advance (actual cost without the discount is 120€)

Price for one group hour – one-time fee: 12€

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Massage with a physiotherapist

Dear clients, we have prepared for you a really nice offer. Treat yourself to a massage with a physiotherapist at a discounted price of -30%. Place yourself in the hands of our experts and relax your body.
Offer valid: 15.2. – 26.2.

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Gift vouchers FYZIO KLINIK

With the arrival of Christmas we have introduced a novelty in the form of gift vouchers tailor made for your needs. Choose from our generous range of gift vouchers.

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FYZIO Pilates

FYZIO KINIK is opening the first medically oriented group trainings of pilates led by the experienced Pilates instructor Silvii Bedotto. This discipline combines effective exercise with rehabilitation.
She is the only trainer in Slovakia who has completed a full program in this discipline from one of the most reputable schools of pilates, Balanced Body University in California, USA. She acquiered many years of experience mainly teaching individuals and group lessons in Brussels, Belgium and in Milan, Italy.

Trainings lessons are also useful for patients who suffer from various pains of the musculoskeletal system. After the introductory lesson we will launch a 12-hour course of Pilates for beginners. Its aim is not only to learn basic pilates positions, but also to stimulate rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system through specific exercises in a small group.

Places are limited and you need to sign up in advance.

Course details:

  • Introduction: 2.11.2015 at 19:00
  • price: 12€/h
  • 20% discount when paid in advance (12 hours)
  • Group: minimum 5, maximum 8 people
  • Start Dates: 9.11.2015
  • Registration for the course must take in advance

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The bonus system at FYZIO KLINIK

Part of the philosophy FYZIO KLINIK is to make therapy available to the largest possible number of people. Therefore we try our best to make our prices friendly so that costs do not become an obstacle for our clients on their path to heatlh. With this aim in mind we have introduced a bonus system at FYZIO KLINIK which makes treatment at our facilieties very accessible and likewise provides many valuable benefits. The system consists of a convenient value pack of therapy and two different types of client accounts.

1. Therapy

A convenient package of therapies provide discounts for the client’s particular therapy. This package delivers therapy to the client and provides a convenient form of financing therapy for clients with simpler needs of treatment.


2. Client

Setting up a preferred client account which allows the client to enjoy benefits and receive preferential prices for therapies for an unlimited period of time. The discount is valid for an unlimited period of time and applies to all therapies. Moreover, the client receives treatment for free depending on his needs and the the type of treatment. This type of client account is appropriate for a moderately complex treatment process.


3. Premium Client

A Premium client account gives customers, among other benefits, a substantial discount on the price of therapy. The discount is valid for an unlimited period of time and applies to all therapies. Premium clients of FYZIO KLINIK are also entitled to a free medical massage, which is adapted to the client’s needs and the condition of his musculoskeletal system. This type of account type is suitable, for example, in a more comprehensive process of therapy or for injuries that have a tendancy to repeat.

Overview of the specific advantages of the bonus system.


Diagnosis of the footsole for FREE in March!

Our foot is a reflection of our lifestyle, posture, walking habits, standing habits, type of employment, type of sport we practice, and many other factors. It is our base which supports our wieght throughtout our lives and reflects the life we live. If we inccur even small deformity of the foot or start experiencing pain, it’s time to address the problem. The right diagnosis of the foot sole and the selection and production of suitable orthopedic insoles can be custom made to prevent grater trouble later on.

In cooperation with BAUERFEIND Slovakia, FYZIO KLINIK offers unmatched dynamic computer diagnostics of the foot which allows for the precise selection and manufacture of custom made orthopedic insoles, for free in March!

Measurement days take place on:
Monday 13:00 to 20:00
Wednesday 13:00 to 20:00
Thursday 13:00 to 16:00
Friday 10:00 to 17:00
It is necessary to book in advance by calling tel. 0948 676 700
More information in the section Diagnosis of the footsole


McKenzie Course

Dear physiotherapists!

The McKenzie Institute Slovakia in cooperation with FYZIO KLINIK invites you to participate in the prestigious course Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.

Course dates: 11.9. – 14.9. 2015
Location: STU Bratislava, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Ilkovičova 3
Speaker: Eva Novakova, Dip.MDT, Prague
Applications: http://www.mckenzie.cz/kurzy/kurzy.htm
Invitation: Course McKenzie
Price: 320€

Criteria for entry is at least 1 year of experience in physiotherapy. The course is designed for physiotherapists and doctors. The number of participants is limited and the deadline for applying is a week before the course.
he Slovak Chamber places thi educational course in lifelong learning of health professionals and assigns it the ID: 4/2015 with at total of 19 credits.